“Our story has only just begun. Hive Nine Limited is a young, enthusiastic and forward thinking company. Our aim is to produce creative businesses and expand our portfolio, and by doing this provide our employees with a diverse, secure and rewarding working environment. We want to be able to say hand on heart, that we work together to win together.”

Hive Nine Limited  The Directors

Work with us?

Full-Time, Part-Time, Contract roles will all be posted here. Just pop us an email if something sparks your interest.

Currently no vacancies

We don’t have any vacancies right now, but please keep checking back as this page is updated regularly.

If you want to get ahead of the curve, you are also welcome to send us your CV. Please send it to wecare@hivenine.com. However, if applying for a specific role, use the email address provided in the posting.

“We love to shout about our achievements, so keep checking back to see what we have been up to and to meet our wonderful team.”

Our Brands

We only have one here at the moment, but this will grow.

Who, What, Why?

Who we are?

Created by the two directors, who are a couple of average joes who just wanted to start something of their own, in the hope that it would grow with the help of great people. 

Hive Nine Limited was started by the directors as they wanted something they could call their own, but also be able to share that ownership and pride with the people that they work with. 

What are we?

A collection of collaborative minds working towards success and innovation. We will try our hands at anything, especially if we feel we can improve on it.

Hive Nine Limited is a company that develops and creates new businesses. Our aim is to improve upon existing ideas and businesses as well as develop new ones from the ground up. There is nothing we can’t do.


Why not? We thought we would give it a go, we wanted to see how long we could operate for and how long we can keep the reasons for doing it alive. So here we are..

Created as an answer to being our own bosses, while also being able to allow others to take ownership of, have pride in and be rewarded for their work.

Where it goes down

Bournemouth, Dorset, UK – wecare@hivenine.com